5 December 2019

Lazy from Calia Italia wins German Design Award 2020.

“Congratulations on your selection for the German Design Awards 2020!” These were the words with which the German Design Council announced that Calia Italia’s ‘Lazy’ model […]
28 October 2019
Calia Italia al Salon du Meuble de Bruxelles

Calia Italia at Salon du Meuble de Bruxelles

From 3rd to 6th November Calia Italia will attend the Salon du Meuble in Brussels. Held for the first time in 1937 as a domestic exhibition, […]
28 October 2019
Calia Italia porta avanti il suo progetto di crescita in Cina

Calia Italia brings on its expanding project in China

Lately Calia Italia has been at the focus of one of the most important news in terms of economic and foreign trade. As a matter of […]
28 October 2019
Divani Divinity, lo showroom Calia Italia nel cuore di Roma

Divani Divinity, Calia Italia’s showroom in the heart of Rome

Opened on 27th April 2017 in via Gregorio VII, Divani Divinity is the Calia Italia’s official dealer in Rome. Here, a 1,000 sq.m. showroom has been […]
28 October 2019
Calia Italia nella nuova sede di Möbel Rieger

Calia Italia at the Mobel Rieger’s new site

Mobel Rieger is one of the most popular chain of stores in the German design and furniture scenario. The company’s motto – “All you need for […]
28 October 2019
Calia Italia Technical Sponsor del Giffoni Film Festival 2019

Calia Italia technical sponsor of Giffoni Flm Festival 2019

Salerno, 19th-27th July 2019 – The Giffoni Film Festival has come to its 49th edition and Calia Italia will be, once again, Technical Sponsor of the […]