23 December 2020

Remote consultations: The new comfort experience offered by Calia Italia

We are on a mission to make people feel good. We do it every day, not only through our products, but also through activities and initiatives […]
22 December 2020

Tell me how you sit on your sofa and I’ll tell you who you are

Do you know the best way to reveal someone’s true personality? Getting them to sit on your sofa! Body language, unlike verbal language, expresses itself directly […]
22 December 2020

Kalsarïkannit: The Finnish Comfort Experience

Wanna go out? No thanks! I prefer a sofa, a movie and a glass of wine – or in other words: ‘Kalsarïkannit’, the name of a […]
21 December 2020

Tips for choosing the perfect armchair

Armchairs and lounge chairs are furnishing accessories that always have their own meaning and value, whether on their own or in combination with other elements such […]
16 December 2020

Christmas Decorations 2020: Living Room Trends

Christmas is just around the corner and though it’s a little more unusual in comparison to previous years, it’s still no less full of magic. It’s […]
11 December 2020

Calia Italia lands in Catamaran Towers, Bahrain

Some of the most famous Calia Italia models have become part of the interior design of the impressive new buildings at Catamaran Towers in Seef, Bahrain. […]
17 November 2020
Calia Italia tra le Fabbriche Vetrina di Confindustria

Calia Italia among Confindustria’s Showcase Factories

It is with great pride that Calia Italia can announce that it has been included in the ‘Fabbriche Vetrina’ (Showcase Factories) project of the Digital Innovation […]
4 November 2020
A nap on the sofa can extend your life!

A nap on the sofa can extend your life!

There’s good news for those who love to rest during the day! Some research has claimed that taking a nap on the sofa can extend your […]
16 October 2020
Behind the camera. The sofa between cinema & tv

Behind the camera. The sofa between cinema & tv

Whilst talking about what is worth living for and lying on a sofa, with a small microphone recording his words, the great Woody Allen said this […]
15 October 2020
How to choose a cat-proof sofa

How to choose a cat-proof sofa

For cat lovers, it is essential to choose a cat-proof sofa for the living room. Although before drawing up a list of useful tips, the truth […]
15 October 2020
The Calia Italia Events Portal is here

The Calia Italia Events Portal is here

A space created to make the comfort experience even more unique is here and its name is the Calia Italia Events Portal. This portal is dedicated […]
15 October 2020
The sofa: a life companion

The sofa: a life companion

The sofa is a piece of furniture that is part of our daily life and it’s something we use differently according to our age. Indeed, we […]
28 September 2020

How to choose a dog-proof sofa

The sofa is one of the most favoured places of rest – and not just for us humans. Indeed even our four-legged friends choose to spend […]
4 September 2020
Superior, la collezione di Calia Italia

Superior – A collection by Calia Italia

To make people feel good and to take care of the person. This is the mission of Calia Italia –the deepest essence that animates the work […]
3 September 2020
Modular, la collezione di Calia Italia

Modular – A collection by Calia Italia

With cozy shapes, forms and dimensions that have a contemporary or more classic style, attention to detail and attention to practicality, Calia Italia has always been […]
3 September 2020
Premium, la collezione di Calia Italia

Premium – A collection by Calia Italia.

Behind the creation of a new Calia Italia model is the work, passion and experience of talented professionals who are each specialists in their own field. […]
2 September 2020
I pouf di Calia Italia: stile, funzionalità e comfort

The footstools of Calia Italia: style, functionality and comfort

Useful and comfortable, cheerful or stylish, the footstool is a furnishing accessory that looks good in any environment, depending on the covering and the colour variant […]
2 September 2020
Divani in tessuto, caratteristiche e tipologie

Fabric sofas, characteristics and styles

Calia Italia has always used fine fabrics, selecting the best raw materials from the most qualified suppliers whilst paying particular attention to new trends – Made […]
2 September 2020

Leather sofas, characteristics and styles

To make its models, Calia Italia only uses real leather – a ‘natural guarantee’ of beauty. In fact, the leather is tanned in such a way […]
27 August 2020
Dormeuse. Quando il comfort incontra l’eleganza

Dormeuse. When comfort meets elegance.

The ancient Romans called it a ‘triclinium’ and today we call it a chaise-lounge. Yet its essence has always been the same – a complement of […]
27 August 2020
Divano angolare: come sceglierlo

Corner sofas and how to choose them.

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that becomes the center of home life, then the choice can only be a corner sofa. A […]
30 July 2020
Come scegliere il divano per la seconda casa

How to choose a sofa for your second home.

As summer approaches, so too does the long-awaited return to the second homes that we enjoy during bank holidays and vacations. However, it’s often the case […]
22 July 2020
Calia Italia, l’azienda Verde Dentro

Calia Italia & Verde Dentro

Calia Italia has chosen Verde Dentro Repower as its electricity supplier, thereby promoting a new green mentality. Since May 2020, the company has only been using […]
26 June 2020
Divano colorato: come sceglierlo

How to choose a colourful sofa.

When we feel the need to change something in our lives, we could choose to start with our home furnishings. One example might be to give […]
28 May 2020
Calia Italia presenta i nuovi cataloghi: Premium Collection, Superior Collection, Modular Collection

Calia Italia presents its brand-new catalogues: Premium, Superior, Modular

Purchasing a new sofa offers endless possibilities of choice. Having all the tools at your disposal to make the choice that best suits your needs is […]
28 May 2020
Cambiare è una comfort experience

Change is a comfort experience

Novelty, change, transformation: dynamics that are today involved in all aspects of our life, habits, work, family, social relationships and of course, our domestic environment. Our […]
14 May 2020

‘The Virtual Showroom’ – A new virtual experience from Calia Italia.

Created as a natural evolution and completion of the Calia Italia ‘Your Comfort Experience’ project, ‘Your Virtual Experience’ adds a new and very important stage to […]
23 April 2020
Smart working sul divano: i trucchi del mestiere

Smart Working On The Couch. The tricks of the trade

Also called ‘agile work’, the meaning of smart working is not immediate. The idea of it is that it allows you to carry out your work […]
23 April 2020

All the experiences we can live on Romeo, Elisir and Fox Trot – not only comfort.

We know that spring is usually the best time to explore our cities, as well as go to concerts and cultural events. Yet when this is […]
21 April 2020

Your virtual experience: the frontier of comfort in Calia Italia

“Your Virtual Experience” of Calia Italia has begun. It’s a path that was created as a natural evolution and completion of “Your Comfort Experience” and it’s […]
25 March 2020
L'Italia siamo noi

L’Italia siamo noi – We are Italy

In these difficult times, we are rediscovering the value of being Italian as well as the pride of telling everyone that ‘we are Italy’. We are […]
9 March 2020
La comfort experience secondo il papà

The comfort experience according to dad

When we say the word ‘Dad’, how many things come to mind? One thing’s for sure, there are certainly infinite associations that arise from the most […]
12 February 2020
I divani Calia Italia: l'assemblaggio

Calia Italia sofas: the assembly

The assembly phase of a Calia Italia sofa is very important as it represents the moment in which the finished product comes to life. This is […]
5 December 2019
Natale con i tuoi, divano con chi vuoi

Share a Christmas with your folks and a sofa with whoever you’d like!

When we buy a sofa, we do it whilst considering the people who we intend to share that sofa with. Whether it’s a sofa for a […]
31 October 2019
I divani Calia Italia: ideazione e progettazione

Calia Italia sofas: Conception and Design

Calia Italia sofas are the outcome of Calia Italia R&D’s creative minds. A new project starts always after an in-depth study of the ongoing trends and […]
28 October 2019
Divano letto, i consigli per fare la scelta giusta

Sofa beds, how to choose the right one for you.

Sofa beds not only are practical, they are also a comfort experience. When it comes to choosing a sofa bed, or any other furniture item, several […]
28 October 2019
Stoffe per divani: alcuni consigli per abbinare colori e tessuti

Fabrics for sofas: a few tips to better match colours and textiles

The range of sofa can be pretty wide. Lots of shapes, finishes, dimensions and colours; what really makes unique a sofa is the personal combination of […]
28 October 2019
Divani artigianali, quando il Made in Italy fa la differenza

Handcrafted sofas, when the “Made in Italy” makes the difference

The sofa is the king of the living room, that’s for sure. A sofa can be a comfort niche or a design icon; it can have […]
28 October 2019
Divani con isola, dall’eleganza al design

Corner sofa with chaise longue, elegance meets design

Corner sofas with chaise longue have two major advantages: they are extremely comfortable and are very elegant furniture elements. The chaise longue allows to watch TV, […]
28 October 2019
I milleuno usi del divano

A thousand and one purposes of a sofa

Since its birth the sofa has experienced a lot of different evolutions. There are many references to it in the ancient Greek culture, in the Ottoman […]
28 October 2019
Quante sedute deve avere un divano?

How Many seats should a sofa have?

There is no technical answer to this question, but it is all about how the sofa is going to fit in a specific domestic context. It […]
28 October 2019
Il velluto e i divani

Velvet and sofas

Several aspects need to be considered when choosing a new sofa. It is important to pay attention not only to its shape, which includes numerous elements […]
28 October 2019
Come pulire un divano in pelle

How to clean a leather sofa

The leather cover is a “natural proof” of a sofa’s beauty. In a high-end sofa, the leather is processed with fine techniques that preserve all its […]
28 October 2019

Sofa Workout

Sofa Workout – the exercise you don’t want to miss! When speaking about new trends, fitness always represents one of the favourite topics. Every year new activities, […]
28 October 2019
La sostenibilità come comfort experience

Sustainibility as comfort experience

Eco-design and research:  Thanks to its daily effort for make people feel good, Calia Italia becomes part of the “inspired companies” that work in order to […]
28 October 2019
Giuggiola, la poltroncina nata per esaltare le donne

Giuggiola, the armchair made to highlight the figure of women.

Every year, March 8th is the International Women’s Day. A yearly recurrence not only to remember all social, political and economic battles that women have won […]
28 October 2019

The sofa as an ode to the personality.

Nowadays sofa represents one of the most important elements of our house. Main character of the living room, it is more than just a piece of […]